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Residential Landscaping in Central Florida

We offer delivery and installation.

We are not currently accepting irrigation, landscape lighting, or drainage work.
Please check back in the Fall. 
We do not offer maintenance, tree work, or hardscaping at this time.

Exceptional work, competitive pricing, quality plants, 6 month workmanship guarantee.

Make Your Landscape Dreams a Reality

Are you ever just standing in line at the grocery store, waiting to check out, just to see a home magazine with a gorgeous house on its cover. You find yourself admiring the beautiful clean flowering hedges, or decorated planters by its front door—and later find yourself at home on Pinterest or Google, trying to see what you can do to make your home just as beautiful.


Then you try to research what plants would be better and realize everything has so many needs and requirements. You think to yourself do I have enough sun, do I have too much sun? Do I get enough water? Is this part of my yard too sandy? Do I have enough space? Are the colors going to match? Are they deer resistant? Do I have to cover them in the winter?


And then you get so overwhelmed that you close the browser and give up. We have all been there! 


Thomas Moreno Landscape Nurseries understands and wants to help make the decisions easier for you, by pairing yourself with someone knowledgeable that can help you plan and make the right choices that will last. 

We Offer At-Home Design Consultations

Our designer meets with you at your home and personalizes the landscape plan to your exact yard while taking into account your specific needs.

Our at-home andscape design consultations cost $125. This cost is applied towards the LABOR CHARGE of any project stemming from the design consultation.  This is NOT a store credit to purchase plants later.


Schedule a design consultation today and let Thomas Moreno Landscape Nurseries do the thinking for you and get you closer to your dream gardenscape.

*Please note that during Spring and Fall our consultation schedule can be busy and we may be booking 4-6 weeks out. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We promise our expertise in the landscape industry is worth the wait!

Do you take Walk-in Design Consultations?

To get the most out of your design consultation, an at-home visit is best. However, simple installations and deliveries can be set up on a walk-in basis. Add-ons can sometimes be completed at time of installation.

The Process

Signups include signing a contract and making at least a 50% deposit, schedules are created first-come-first-serve by the project manager, the office will call to confirm schedule with the customer. After the job is completed, the due balance is collected.

Tropical Vine Bougainvillea.JPG

We are not accepting consultations at this time.

Please check back in the Fall.

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